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Gadget Show British Inventors Project
Nectar Small business Awards 2015
Startup Awards Finalist 2015
Startup Awards Finalist 2015
"Best gaming router of 2017"

"If you rely on having a lag-free connection that offers you the fastest - and most stable - internet speeds possible, then there really is only one choice" - Techradar

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Why DumaOS?

DumaOS is a state-of-the-art router operating system that surpasses all existing home router technology.

It is packed full of powerful features that optimise your home's connection as it is built from the ground up to be interactive and easily extendable.

Powerful Features

Through innovation and cutting-edge research, we have created a highly advanced feature set that optimizes the home connection. Our patent-pending feature set includes:


QoS toolkit

A best in class solution that eliminates bufferbloat and prioritizes your most important devices and applications

Anti-Bufferbloat: Prevents queuing from ever occurring on both the download and upload directions, allowing a busy household to intensively use the Internet without causing each other to lag

Bandwidth Allocation: Control the amount of bandwidth each device receives, meaning your most important devices never lack the bandwidth they need

Traffic Prioritization: Low-latency applications, such as games, are never caught in a network queue due to automatic detection driven by enterprise-level Deep Packet Inspection



Reduce distance, the main cause of lag in gaming, by guaranteeing a host close to your home.

Filtering Mode: Set a distance limit from your home to force a local connection and transform your connection in console games, such as Call of Duty, Destiny 2, FIFA 18, MADDEN plus many others

Spectating Mode: See your ping to the global servers for your favorite PC game, including PUBG, CS:GO, League of Legends and DOTA 2

Allow & Deny: Whitelist your friends and block laggy opponents to further optimize your game's connection

Network Monitor

Network Monitor

Identify which devices are using your home network and analyze by application thanks to enterprise-level Deep Packet Inspection.

Network Snapshot: View a real-time visual of your network's usage, by device, to identify who is hogging your bandwidth and take preventative action with your QoS Toolkit

Application Breakdown: Using Deep Packet Inspection worthy of enterprise routing, you can see which applications are consuming your bandwidth via in-depth drilldowns

Network Overview: See your network's total bandwidth consumption over a timespan

Network Monitor

Intuitive User Interface

A beautiful User interface allows for easy and enjoyable navigation across the Operating System

Customizable Dashboard: Save your favourite features to your personalized Dashboard, a single page where you can configure and view your settings with ease

User-friendly: The complex is made simple thanks to an uncluttered UI, with advanced settings contained in out-of-view submenus and help tips present throughout

Device Management: Devices are automatically categorized into a device type and can be renamed, blocked and viewed on the Network Map


DumaOS demands regular interaction. This is a fundamental shift in user experience, transforming the router from a device that usually sits in the corner of a home, forgotten, to a device that you will want to interact with every day.

Network Monitor
DumaOS Dashboard

Easily Extendable

Each feature in DumaOS is contained within its own individual Router App ('R-App'). This isloation allows for each R-App to run independently, making it very easy to install new features without compromising the wider firmware. With a substantial roadmap ahead of us, feedback from our engaged user-base and an elite development team, DumaOS will only get better and better in the months and years to come.

Our History

Development Begins

Development of Netduma’s core software begins

Netduma R1 Launched

Netduma launches its first product, the Netduma R1 Gaming Router, to critical acclaim

Rapid Growth

Netduma grows rapidly thanks to word-of-mouth, with an engaged user base forming on Netduma's user forum

Development of DumaOS begins

Netduma win multiple major awards and begin developing a new router operating system, called DumaOS

Development continues

Beta testing of DumaOS completes. Netduma R1 users now span over 100 countries

DumaOS launches

In partnership with NETGEAR on the new Nighthawk XR500 Gaming Router

Further launches & Roadmap

DumaOS will soon be launched on the Netduma R1 (as a free upgrade) and the development of our Roadmap begins

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